Mekong Arts and Media Festival preshow

The press conference and the pre-shows of the first ever grand festival for artists and youth in the Greater Mekong-Sub region was held on November 22 at Chinese House  in Phnom Penh , Cambodia with impressive performance.

The Mekong Arts and Media Festival 2009 is a five-day event running from November 23-27, gathering youth, theatre artists, dancers, puppeteers, filmmakers, visual artists, advocates, journalists and other creative media practitioners from Laos, Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

5 thoughts on “Mekong Arts and Media Festival preshow”

      1. Do you write for an online paper, it’d be interesting to read your articles also. I read a photographer’s blog that went pro as a reporter and he also posted or links to his articles as well.

        I’m interesting in taking photos, and have a canon like yours with a wide angle lens, but still got stuck on taking photo with the Auto mode, I feel like I’m missing something since I’m not shooting RAW, and hope to learn manual next year, and loves looking at photos. You’ve good eye for composition.


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