Lao Rock Photo first year aniversary

To celebrate the first year anniversary of this web-blog, Lao Rock Photo pleased to present this set of photo that collect best image of each month thought the last one year.

Mysterious waterfall near by Wat Phou (July, 2009)

Dongdok Nature Society Camp (August, 2009)

Spectacular Indian Kathak dance in Vientiane (September, 2009)

Ban Keun Zoo (October, 2009)

Mekong Arts and Media Festival (November, 2009)

Great victory for Lao athletes in 25th SEA Games (December, 2009)

Lifestyle of People in Pakbeang, Oudomxay (January, 2010)

Weed Collecting in Luang Prabang (February, 2010)

Kyoto: The real Japanese Cultural City (March, 2009)

Thai Floating Market (April, 2010)

My First Month in Hanoi, Vietnam (May, 2010)

Long Bien Bridge, Hanoi, Vietnam (June, 2010)

Halong Bay: The preciouse place for tourist (July, 2010)

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