13 thoughts on “Hanoi Active Expo 2010”

  1. Thanks, well these kind of dress if nor common for people here, but this event is kind of crosplay event, where crosplay lovers over Hanoi came here for competition, which the judge will depending on their dress up similarly to Japanese animate and manga.

    For photographing these set of photo i’ve not use flash at all, because it’s already fine blight and i commonly use about 400-500 and open wide aperture 2.8, because sometimes subjects move quite fast…..i wish to put lower than this but i can’t.

  2. Thanks. I might be attending a body building competition for my nephew in October and November and it’s very dark in there but well lit on stage. My camera aperture would only go down to f/4, the widest that it would open. I guess I have to rely on higher ISO to help but fear of the digital noise. Do you use spot metering for this as well?

    1. I went to one in June of this year and it was awkward for me at first seeing half naked men and women on stage. I shot with auto mode with no flash and it did okay but want to try something different this time. I worry about my zoom lens also, might not be good enough if I don’t get to sit on first row.


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