Elephant Festival in Xayaboury 2013

Pong_photoessay_elephant 6

HN1C0110 HN1C0170 HN1C0183 HN1C0208 HN1C0219 HN1C0234 HN1C0290 HN1C0367 HN1C0412 HN1C0456 HN1C0459 HN1C0466 HN1C0524 HN1C0547 HN1C0605 HN1C0688 HN1C0699 HN1C0730 HN1C0769 IMG_1138 IMG_1394 IMG_1679 IMG_1752 IMG_1788 IMG_1960 IMG_1999 IMG_2152 Pong_photoessay_elephant 5 Pong_photoessay_elephant 7







6 thoughts on “Elephant Festival in Xayaboury 2013”


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